Simple. Realistic. Results

Zen Project 8 – Eight Week Weight Management Program,

with lasting results by Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert,
Mark Macdonald

             Join the ZEN Project 8 30‑Day Challenge

                  to transform your body and your life

             A powerful system that targets the three stages of fat loss.

Phase 1 DETOX
lose the bloat


Phase 2 IGNITE 
Melt Your Tummy


Phase 3 TRIVE 
Enjoy Life



This is a rolling challenge, meaning it will continue monthly throughout 2019, so don’t worry if you miss the first submission deadline on April 1, 2019. You can start your 30‑Day Challenge anytime in 2019, and simply submit your 30 Day results by the 1st of the month – to be eligible to win that months’ challenge.

Challenge starts: 12:01 a.m. U.S. ET March. 1, 2019. Rolling challenge continues monthly through 2019


ZEN Ignite Package

ZEN Thrive Package


ZEN Products
ZEN BODI products

Mark Macdonald
60-minute personal consult with ZEN Co‑creator Mark Macdonald

A Holistic Approch to Weight Management 

ZEN Project 8 was created as the true solution for your health

ZEN Project 8 simplifies weight management and teaches habits for leading a healthy lifestyle.  
Over the course of 8 weeks, you’ll be guided through 3 easy-to-follow phases with premium ZEN products, expert coaching, and ongoing support from an active community of like-minded participants.  
It’s never been easier to stay on plan as you clean, sculpt and reprogram your body.

 ZEN Project 8 is a complete toolkit that offers Simple. Realistic. Results.

Zen Project 8 is a unique weight management concept. 
It helps the body to get in balance and to maintain the optimum feel-good weight in the long term. 
All aspects are considered: body, mind, exercise and nutrition. Stress management, healthy sleep, a healthy gut and individual lifestyle recommendations are also part of the program. A strong global community accompanies you through the transformation process.

  • Are you sick of the amount of confusing information out there?
  • Do you want support and guidance for your weight loss journey?
  • Have you tried diets before only to put back on the kilos?
  • Do you enjoy your food and want to be able to continue to do so?
  • Do you feel lethargic and like your weight is slowly creeping up?


  • A proven system with amazing results!
  • Supportive community with weekly webinar with Celebrity Nutrition and Fitness Expert Mark Macdonald
  • No Meal Replacements, Just Real Food!
  • Sustainable lifestyle after the program!
  • Increase Your Energy. Lose The Bloat. Maintain Your results.


Meet Kate!

Meet Paul!

Braveheart himself Transforming with Zen Project 8‼️ 
Mel Gibson dropped 14 kg (31lbs) in 8 Weeks. Nutrition & Health GURU Samantha Jacksoncoached Mel every step of the way! 
Check out Mel sharing his journey with Sam and how he got his health back. 

The Zen Project 8 Community For The Times When Life Will Inevitably Try To Derail Your Efforts

The ZEN Project 8 community is right there for you when you have questions, when you’re finding that you are struggling or maybe not achieving the targets you have set,  you might have plateaued and need help moving forward and also when you experience the wins, see the results you wanted, when you feel like you want to share your experience.

You will know that the community is there for you, to support and to help, to pat you on the back and to congratulate you when it pays off.

Our ZEN Project 8 Community is there with you every step of the way, as you live your program:

  • Our Facebook Community is more powerful than words can describe and will answer every question you have, as well as provide the daily inspiration and motivation we all need and want.
  • An ever growing list of food and shake recipes at your fingertips.
  • Weekly live coaching from ZEN Brand Ambassador Mark MacDonald and open Q&A.
  • Weekly Blogs, sharing new strategies to help you.
  • Coaching videos to help you master each phase of ZEN Project 8.

“Be the example of health you want to inspire the ones you love to be.
At the end of the day it all starts with you”- Mark Macdonald


It starts with you taking stock of your daily habits and replacing them with healthy ones. Consider the theory that your body is a vehicle. To run optimally, it needs premium “fuel” and routine oil changes. If you don’t take care of your car, it will become sluggish and prone to breaking down. The same goes with your body – it needs daily maintenance to function at peak condition.

So, back to the ZP8 30 Day Challenge. You might be wondering: “Is 30 days enough time to see results?” Take it from ZEN Co creator and Brand Ambassador Mark Macdonald, those who make their health a priority and shift their mindset can see results that exceed their expectations.

“The most important thing is you just have to get in the game and start the process,” Mark says. “Once you’re able to do that and build momentum, things start to work more and more. It’s all about setting you up to win.”

Speaking of winning, how would you like to win more than just a slimmer waistline?


As our contest recurs every month throughout 2019, you and other participants can simplify weight management with premium ZEN BODI products and healthy lifestyle habits. From the participants, one lucky winner each month will be chosen (based 50% on their results and 50% on their story) to win free products and a 60-minute consultation with Mark Macdonald.


  • ZEN BODI products
  • 60-minute personal consult with ZEN Co-creator Mark Macdonald
  • And more!

That’s not all! Monthly winners will also have the chance to win the grand prize!


  • Trip to LEAD Jeunesse North America 2020
  • ZEN Ignite Package
  • ZEN Thrive Package

ZEN Fuze
ZEN Fuze protein shakes is a fusion of exclusive TruCELLE™ and whey proteins. This ultra-premium protein matrix helps you stay on plan and meet your weight management goals.

ZEN Prime  ZEN Prime™ sets the standard for total body cleansing. This proprietary formula contains key ingredients have long been used in Herbal medicine and are each uniquely valued for their cleansing properties.

ZEN Fit  ZEN Fit™ is a rich source of amino acids and a vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.


  ZEN Shape Meticulously developed, ZEN Shape™ was made to prepare the body for fat loss. A vital part of the ZEN BODI™ System.