Branding with Archetypes® Private VIP Coaching Day

There is a very special part of you that many entrepreneurs mistakenly believe they need to hold back.


On this VIP day, you will 

Discover  Your Brands Archetypes, the Secret to Creating a Rich, Authentic, Magnetizing Brand that Effortlessly Attracts High-Profile Attention, Lucrative Opportunities and a Steady Stream of Your Ideal, High-Paying Clients.

If you’re struggling to stand out in a sea of competitors, it’s YOUR turn to be known as the expert, grab your share of the spotlight and attract your perfect clients easily and gracefully. 

Learn this step-by-step system to ‘brand your brilliance’ and transform your passion for serving others into money-making, highly leveraged income streams – today.

Branding with Archetypes® is the winning system That helped thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide discover their authentic brand they love and are aligned with 


Imagine if you could gracefully sidestep “How am I different?” and “What’s my niche?” and effortlessly attract the right clients by simply stepping into your most authentic vision… of YOU

Discover your Brand Archetypes, which perfectly captures your mind, your personality and your passion, and transforms YOU into an authentic brand that you can immediately use to bring this exciting new direction to your business 

Recognize your unique brilliance and use it as a powerful catalyst to focus on your talents and on your most profitable actions, Step into a whole new level of expert status, authenticity and results in your business using the power of your brand

How to create impactful, authentic marketing that creates consistent results… almost effortlessly! You will know how to confidently choose your website design and images , write eye-catching emails, sales literature and marketing material (even if you’re not a writer!)

How to make it super easy for people to understand who you are and what you do

How to leverage your brand to increase your fees and attract high-paying clients (who won’t even flinch at the new number!)

How to use your brand to coach yourself past tough spots and blocks that keep you stuck in frustrating situations and “money stuck points”

Specific words to use and feelings to evoke in your marketing so that your brand stays consistent and memorable

Examples of successful companies who share your Brand Archetype, so you’ll have powerful models to follow

The gifts, strengths, challenges and Spiritual Contract of your Brand Archetype

How to authentically “live your brand” in business and life, so that creating the income and lifestyle you want gets easier and easier

And much more…

You’ll be amazed at the stunning accuracy of this system…. and how quickly your brand takes shape. And because your Brand Archetype gets to the heart and soul of who you are, you’ll also gain a deep understanding of yourself that you never had before.

Even if you already have a brand you’re happy with, the Branding With Archetypes™ System will reveal vital tweaks that can dramatically boost your sales, client leads and the quality of those leads. 


A brand is  NOT just for big corporations… it’s also for small business owners like you. Every business owner can use branding to raise their visibility, create enormous credibility and consistently attract ideal, high-paying clients.


Your brand is NOT a niche… and it’s not the same old “what do you do and who do you do it for” question. 

Your brand is NOT your logo and tag line. This is one of the biggest misconceptions out there! 

Your brand is the promise of the experience your clients get
when they work with you.


Best of all, your business reflects who you truly are and your Divine Gifts. You know you’re having a big impact because the clients keep coming and the money continues to pour in, making your business a true money-and-soul success!


Yes, I am ready for success in my business- discovering my brand archetypes, activating the powerful presence in me, magnetically attracting customers, internalizing my value, recognizing my unique brilliance, and more!