Chakras Balancing 


Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning wheel or vortex. These are energy centers or energy wheels  that allow energy to flow through the body. An energy center may be dormant or inactive, generating a lack of energy in the associated organs or an inability to vibrate on the corresponding psychological and spiritual levels. ​An Energy center can also stagnate or hang in a chakra, creating blockage, or leakage of energy that will provoke a physical dysfunction that can lead to illness or psychological dis-ease.

A harmonization of chakras and subtle bodies is a care that aims to cleanse, re-balance and unblock the flow of energy within your subtle and physical bodies.

This treatment acts on the specific painful points and on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual equilibrium.Thus, your ills are appeased; your vitality, your serenity, your anchoring increased.
Re balanced, your body is rebuilding itself.


To Understnad better , here is the meaning of the 7 major chakras 

  • Chakra of the base: Meaning: I am This is where our energy is, as well as our feelings of stability, comfort and safety.
  • Sacred Chakra Meaning: I feel This is where our ability to socialize, create and trust, as well as sensuality, sexuality and the feeling of pleasure lies.
  • Solar plexus chakra Meaning: I’m doing It is the center of our personality, where our strength, our power and our determination lie.
  • Heart Chakra Meaning: I like It is the central chakras, where lies our capacity to be sincere and where we feel love, compassion and acceptance.
  • Chakra of the throat Meaning: I communicate It’s the way of expression, creativity and inspiration.
  • Third Eye Chakra Meaning: I see This is where our intuition, our confidence, our lucidity and our power to meditate
  • Crown chakra Meaning: I understandI it is the seat of our spirituality, our achievements, our consciousness, and our desire for fulfillment.
  •  negative thoughts we have about ourselves, 
  • judgment of others
  • dissatisfaction,
  • stress,
  • not feeling up to it,
  • our loves and their expectations, 
  • disappointments, 
  • anger, 
  • sadness, 
  • Electromagnetic field,
  • Unhealthy lifestyle ….  

During a Chakras balancing session I use an Egyptian Healing pendulum to detect, clear and rebalance and send healing, loving energy to each of the 7 majors chakras . and chanel healing energy to activate and harmonize the process  the body.
A soft music will  accompany your relaxation.
Your worries, stress and other troubles will diminish or subside. 
This will allow you to better manage your emotions of the moment . 
The rebalancing has a ripple effect  on your physical, mental, emotional but also spiritual body



A Chakras balancing session allows:

  • to improve the quality of your sleep
  • to boost your immune system
  • reduce stress
  • to free you memories that do not belong to you
  • to look after your inner child
  • to balance your energies YIN (Female) and YANG (Male)
  • to feel more connected to your self and the world surrounding you 
  • to be grounded and therefore more focus and effective in your actions 

It is different of anyone as you will receive what you need most .Some feel a real sense of relaxation and well-being . For others, this session has much deeper effects, such as a connection to his environment , a re-connection to his deepest being , a real feeling of letting go , even waking dream. Everyone reacts differently to the effects of chakras balancing To be balanced and live in harmony, all our chakras must be open in synergy.  The amount of chakra energy is of the same level as the degree of consciousness or evolution of being. The more we evolve, the more our consciousness expands and the more our chakras open to let energy pass. The colors we love and those we do not like tell us about opening our own chakras.

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Exchange of energy  :

Chakras Balancing   30mn           30 euro  

Chakras Balancing Distance Healing   30mn           20 euro  

Energy care is not intended to replace medical treatment.

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