Free Resources to Create Stunning Images, Icons, and Graphics for Your Website



People do judge your website and products by the graphics they see. Your options are to either hire someone each time you need a new graphic, or create it yourself. But what if you want to remain in complete control of your graphics by creating your own, but you don’t have a small fortune to spend on design software? Or what if you don’t want to spend hours learning how to use it?
Here are free and easy-to-use tools you can use to create visuals and images that make your marketing zing. You’ll be able to create your own covers, banners, infographics, visualizations, etc. This will help you build your brand…
Free Image Editing Tools
Sumopaint – Think Photoshop without the big price tag. Sumopaint contains all of the basic features of Photoshop, but it’s free and it’s web-based. Edit graphics and photos with its easy-to-use interface and variety of tools, in 22 different languages.
Skitch – Grab screen shots or snippets of your screen, add annotation, markup, shapes, arrows, quick sketches and objects, blur out confidential information, etc. If you’re writing blog posts or ebooks and need to show software features or anything else online, this is the tool to use.
Pixlr – Online photo editor with 600 effects, overlays and borders. Crop, re-size, fix any picture, remove red-eye, whiten teeth, etc.
Canva – Online image editor to make custom size website headers, fb post images, cover images for all your social media. Whatever you need an image for you can created in Canva.
Documents Editing Tool
ThePDFChef – This isn’t strictly free, but it is free to use. Creating a newsletter? Whitepaper? Ebook? Infographric? Brochure? You can create the documents for free – if you like what you see, then you pay. If you don’t like it, delete it. Experiment all you want while using templates or starting from scratch.
Free Font and Icon Tools
Google Web Fonts – A Directory of almost 600 fonts you can use on your website. Simply copy and paste one line of HTML and CSS onto your site and it’s ready to go. You can also download the fonts to your desktop and use them when creating new content.
The Noun Project – There’s an icon here for just about anything on the planet
IcoMoon – 1800+ high quality, scalable, free vector icons
1001Fonts – The name says it all
FontSpace – 18,923 different fonts – need I say more?
Iconfinder – colorful 3-d looking icons. Easily search for your topic, and use the filter for commercial-use only.
Here’s a usage example: Want people to notice your Twitter button? Consider using one of these (be sure to scroll down to see the possibilities)
FontSquirrel – Quality fonts licensed for commercial work, for free.
WhatTheFont – Reverse engineer a font to find out what is its. Simply enter a URL or snap a screenshot and What The Font will tell you what it is and where to go find it.
Vecteezy – Wallpapers, icons, vector graphics, location pointers, bookmark ribbons, art, patterns – this site offers a lot.
Color Tools
Color Scheme Designer – The name says it all – you pick one color, it gives you various schemes to go with that color.
Color Picker – Reverse engineer color. Upload a picture, select any point on the picture, and it will tell you the corresponding HEX code.
Design Seeds – Photos are shown with their corresponding color palette. This is a great place to get ideas.
0to255 – View many variations of the same color; perfect for hovers, borders, gradients, etc.
ColourLovers – A creative community where people share colors, palettes and patterns. Check out the tools section for things like PhotoCopa – where you load a photo and it tells you what the color palette is, and TheMeleon – a tool to design your Twitter background.
Free Images
Pixabay is an excellent source for free images you can use as you like without worrying about being penalized for stolen images or copyright or trademark infringements.
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