If The Keys to Making Your Life Work Were Available,

Would  You Use Them?

Discover how to create lasting lifestyle habits that work for

YOU, Personally & Professionally



What If the Key to a Perfect
Health and Vitality,
Preventing Disease, Losing Weight, Having a Pain Free LifestyleAge Gracefully  could Be as Simple as Listening To Your Gene?

In Under 30 Minutes  The Exact Right Foods To Eat Yourself Slim

Solutions that Energize Your Specific Body…Ways To Quickly Stop Your Aches And

PainsThe Mindset to Achieve your desired Lifestyle …

Based Entirely On Listening To Your Own Unique Genes!









 The future of health and wellness lies in harnessing the power of technology, medical science, and research to deliver customised, 
low-cost, lifestyle recommendations and preventative health interventions that can 
be easily implemented at work and at home.





Various Personalized Health Programs to chose from :


Health Assessment and Health Coaching based on Your Genetic and Epigenitics


Get Your Free Health Type Test


Should you sleep in or get up at the crack of dawn? Is protein right at night or lunchtime? Is exercising in the morning or afternoon going to help you achieve your goals? It’s these simple choices that can make all the difference in your health and well being. But which to choose?

Simply find out your HealthType for the answers! Take the 3-minute quiz for everything you need to start your journey to optimal health!
This is a short version not as precise as the profile done with all your body measurements but still a good indication and a good start .

or get a deep understanding


BASIC  : Personalised Health Coaching

  • Personalised Health – no two profiles are the same – this truly is Personalised Health based on you. Aligning mind & body with your epigenetic blueprint

Available face to face or online via Zoom

The program Include

  •  12 month membership access to your unique profile App.
  • Measurements
  • Initial consultation and ph360 assessment (90 mins)
    >Overview of epigenetics – we are all unique, overview of
  • your profile 
    > Priority areas for you to work on
    > How to use the coaching tool.
    Coaching tool to help you maximise result
  • Discover and Learn about:
  • Food – The best foods for your body. Comprehensive food database tailored to you in real time, ranking the best foods to eat for your unique body. Access to meal planners and delicious recipes to include in your everyday life.
    Fitness – Follow a plan tailored for your body. Learn how to move your body in a way that feels good, that work for you. with the freedom to choose your routines and exercises
    Social engagement  – Discover the social interactions that will energize you, and those that will drain you, so you can do more of what you love

    Lifestyle – Discover your natural strengths workwise, socially, and in relationships and use these vital pieces of information to further improve your health and wellbeing.
    Genius Zone – Learn your natural talents  and the activities that will keep you in effortless flow. and also gain specific recommendations for sleeping, breathing , mindfulness, and more.
    Vacation, Environment Planning : Learn about your ideal environment, places and climates suited to your genes and plan vacations according to your body profile and circadian rhythm
    Timing – Know what time to eat, rest, workout and more to optimise your daily schedule.
    Track – We track your results and update every month to ensure the program remains at optimal levels. As your body changes, this breakthrough technology changes with you.
    And much, much more!

    This program will help you understand yourself and appreciate your unique mind and body.

    Together we will turn your best intentions into best results

  • Scientifically validated
  • Guaranteed results*

** Option to buy extra individual coaching sessions , or per package of 3 or 6 .
** Option to buy extra Quantum Bioresonance Sessions Membership
**** Option to make payment by instalments : 
for Bronze Membership in 2 month @ 210 € /month
for Silver Membership in 3 months @ 215€/month
for Gold Membership in 4 months @  320€/month.
****Quantum Bioresonance : ask for membership fee for more than 1 month service
Kindly contact us for information. 


this healing system analyzes your unique voice imprint and energy signature to determine energetic stressors (blockages) and weaknesses in your bio-field. It then compares and selects from its database of thousands of energetic frequencies ranging from herbs, virus, bacterias, emotions, homeopathic remedies, chakras, acupuncture points and meridians and then stimulates the body with certain frequencies designed to rebalance and reharmonize your body. Find out  more HERE

it can powerfully enhance your expereince and achieve better results , by combining both systems

PH360 Endorsed Coach


I am a endorced PH360 Health Coach, I help to accurately assess your current health status and  provide unique health advice in a non-invasive way in a simple 30-minute assessment.
All Health Coaching Memberships  are designed to offer you the advice and information you need to start implementing positive change into your life, without pressure. We will discuss food and diet, exercise, me time, self care, sleep, stress, social life , genius , epigenetics, and any other factors that may be affecting your health and wellbeing.
We observe  various essential components that affect your health and vitality
All sessions are online with direct connection on Zoom .The initial consultation may be as long as 90minutes.  Follow-up consultations can be 30-60mins depending on your own personal requirements



Unsure which package is right for you?   contact me below to discuss the right service 15minutes free … or directly book your free session HERE



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