Awaken to your Highest Potential in Life


                    from Fate to Destiny


Combine the Gene Keys with Quantum Bioresonance

Identify the ideal arena of your Life’s Work: the role that suits your creative expression and that allows you the freedom to be YOU .
• Connect with your Soul’s Purpose : discover who you are here to BE in your lifetime
• Free up new energy : learn to channel that energy efficiently
• Unlock and activate : unlock dormant codes in your DNA to release your full creative genius into the world

What are The Gene Keys?

The Gene Keys are a living wisdom, bringing together astrological calculations, the Chinese I Ching, and quantum physics.
The Holographic Gene Key Profile is the original blueprint that tells you who you are, how you operate, how you attract who you attract, what makes you shine, your core wounds and above all, Your life purpose ! Like a precious treasure map, this profile invites you on a journey of self-discovery to find the true higher purpose of your life, your relationships and prosperity
      Gene Keys Analysis — Create Space Studio 
The Genes Keys are founded upon the premise that your higher purpose exists as a code embedded within your physical DNA,
there are 64 Gene Keys or ‘universal archetypes’, of which you have a unique profile that has a specific layout of keys within the 11 different spheres of your personal chart.

Each of the 64 Gene Keys have a Shadow, a Gift and a Siddhic frequency – The Siddhi reflecting us living at our highest possible frequency of expression in any given archetype – and we fluctuate between all of these states, through all of the keys, in each waking moment. As you contemplate the Gene Keys, physically, emotionally and mentally – they begin to raise your frequency, and that of your DNA.

The information in each key is extremely detailed and specific and is designed to make you aware of your shadow patterns – the reactive and repressed tendencies – so you can notice them when they arise and improve your behaviors to suit, so you are living more and more in the gift and siddhic field of life.
It’s all about accepting, embracing and transcending our shadows, the source of our suffering…
When we do so, we begin to change our physiological and biological make up.
We become more comfortable in our physical bodies, happy in our realities and we invite ever-increasing amounts of creativity, synchronicity and flow into our lives for longer and longer periods of time.

The Gene Keys is a masterful system designed to help you to reconnect to your true nature and highest potential in this life. Instead of searching for years for your purpose you can find it and get on with it!


      Our DNA is like a genie in a bottle, except they are genes in our body.

  Connected to the unified field of the Universe, they react to our thoughts to make our

  wishes a reality by attracting people, things and experiences which we desire and think

  about most


                     As you apply the insights from your Gene Keys to your life, you will literally reprogram your DNA with a new    higher vision of yourself. Then you can simply watch as your new life begins to manifest. How far you go is limited only by your own imagination!                
— Richard Rudd, The Gene Keys

 Hologenetic Profile


The Hologenetic Profile is a deeply personal voyage through the Gene Keys. It shows you the archetypal patterns that block the natural manifestation of your Genius (Shadows), and how to transform these patterns into your Gifts. Rather than being a fixed set of blueprints, your Profile represents a great journey you are on in life – to unlock the latent higher capacities of your Genius
​Certain sequences of Gene Keys are imprinted at your birth and they can unlock doorways of awakening inside you.  This is a living transmission of self-discovery that reveals the higher purpose behind your life and relationships


 For those who are ready and willing to embrace the darker aspects of their nature, and raise their frequency to the gift lying within them, it is truly groundbreaking work. 

We all have a destiny. But most of us are victims of our fate. The difference is in the knowledge of Self. You are not the physical body. You are not the mind. You are not the emotions which go with that mind and body. So, who are you? What are you?



“No matter how positive you try to be in life, if you do not become fully aware of your own shadow frequency patterns,
your so called ‘dark side’, ​you will never be able to unlock the higher frequencies.
​This is the real work of the gene keys – to give you an inner language that allows you to face the unconscious fears at work inside you.”

Gene Keys Wisdom


Quantum Biofeedback



Quantum Biofeedback is a method of energetic testing and harmonizing. The goal is to inspire your body to remember to be healthy and to employ all of your inner resources to achieve that goal. This energetic testing is based on the principles of quantum physics. It uses the voice, picture, date of birth and name in order to assess a personʼs frequency. Your frequency is then compared to other frequencies that have been pre-programmed into the biofeedback system. From here, numbers are generated. These number scores indicate how much you are out of balance in a certain area in your life. When searching for a remedy or a solution, these also indicate how much you are in balance or in coherence with the remedy.

The Genius is a biofeedback tool that sends and receives information in the form of frequency from and to the consciousness of the person being assessed. As it is quantum it means that it operates outside of time and space (distance).


   The Quantum Bioresonance will analyze your frequencies, and help re-align, harmonize, rebalance those who are in disharmony .

When combining The Quantum Bio resonance with The Gene Keys

  *  It start and accelerates  a new journey in your life,
  *  you to overcome challenges with ease and grace .
  *  You transcend your own suffering and ultimately find deep and lasting peace.
  *  It will activate and bring out, the potential and beauty hidden inside of you, regardless of outer circumstances
  *  It will Ignite the spark of genius that is unique to you
  *  It help express your highest Gifts, so that you can achieve true recognition in life
  *  It activate the forces of synchronicity and grace in your outer life
  *  It ensures that all your relationships can finally become deeply fulfilling and transparent.



Expand your Awareness, Activating Your
Purpose, Do you have a sense that you were meant for
something ‘more’? Transform your core beliefs, expand your consciousness and release your innate potential with the Quantum Bioresonance