Reiki Boost

Although it is preferable to conduct a complete Reiki session circumstances can arise that will prevent Reiki practitioners from being able to give someone a full treatment. In any event, a shorter session is better than none at all.

You will sit upright comfortably in a straight backed chair or wheelchair. Relax , and i will place my hands gently mainly on all the chakra positions starting with your forehead . You can expect the same kind of possible benefices as in a full reiki session , just that time is shorter The session is 30mn , it is relaxing  and harmonizing, helping you to reconnect and fell grounded , giving you a boost in energy, boost in your immune system, boost to feel more positive. Beneficial when : * between  2 meetings, * lunch time, * before an important interview * feeling you are coming up with a cold, * just had a bad experience * stressed

Exchange of energy  :

** Reiki Boost Healing   30mn   30 euro




DISTANCE HEALING  also possible check it out here


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