NO time to come for a session,?
Lying in bed too weak to move, or in hospital ?,
Too far away, or in an other time zone?,
Book your Reiki Distance Healing 

Reiki Distance Healing knows no barriers or boundaries,

Reiki Energy transcend Time and Space 

It is simply “sent” and received” by intention alone and is instantly “transmitted”
Distance healing works equally as well as an in person healing session.
We connect over the phone, skype, zoom,at a define time after you send me all your particulars and photo
.Each session last about 30mn, but reiki will continue to run.

Distance Healing can be applied for physical pains, emotional pains, upcoming events/situations,
bettering of relationships/issues between people, anti stress, general dis-ease,
chakra clearing, chakra balancing, chakra alignment and more…

  I will start with a chakras balancing to allow the energy to run smoother and faster and remove blockages before the session/
You may or not immediately notice the effects, but usually clients report everything from feelings of warmth, pulsing/tingling/itching sensations in the body, internal images/pictures.You may feel so relaxed that you fall asleep, and some experience emotions coming up to the surface.

Each session is unique, depending on what your specific energy system needs .
All your needs are discussed before the session
You may chose to receive regular distance healing for good”maintenance” of energy level. let me know so we diiscuss what would be suitable for you

 Reiki  distance healing will “work ” even you are busy, working, watching TV , but it is best to set aside 30mn of quite relaxing time with full class of water next to you for you to drink after the session .
please note after all clearing and reiki send , I program the energy to carry on running to maximize your session .

If you intend to book sessions for a loved one , you need to ask their permission first.

If you book 3 sessions, the sessions can be send as intensive over 3 days, or every 2/3 days apart ,

After payment register below, propose 3 date and time options and I will get back to you  for more information


Exchange of energy  :

** Reiki Distance Healing   30mn   30 euro

** Reiki Distance Healing   3 sessions of 30mn   70 euro

If you need more session contact me for the price . 

not sure what is REIKI HEALING , learn more Here 


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