A Reflection on the Beauty of Life

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Welcome to the 30 Days Thankful Challenge.

This series is designed to serve as a joyful reflection
on the beauty of life.

This most beautiful video inspired me to start this Thankful Challenge
and share this journey of 30 days with YOU.

It is important to be able to appreciate what we have today in order to appreciate tomorrow, it is a message I wish to share with you all and also my way to Thank YOU for being in my life.


What if you discovered that living with awareness and intention, focusing on what makes you feel alive, grateful and in wonder, allows you to: live longer, inspire others, experience joy, hold pain
and grief with compassion, and deepen love, generosity and respect for all life???

The best time to plant your seeds and ensure a year in harmony with your desires is the end of the year. What you focus on, your attitude, your thoughts … all that influences how you start the next year. And how you start the year will influence everything else! 
There is much to be grateful for, not just around the Thanksgiving table, but every day of our rich and blessed existence. Even the most ordinary moments can fill us with delight if we take the time to acknowledge the profound in the mundane, the small miracles all around us that can slip by in a blink if we forget to notice them.

Who can benefit from focusing on all the reasons
to give daily thanks?


  • Anyone who may be struggling to focus on the positives
  • Anyone who feels that a pessimistic attitude is currently standing in the way of their success
  • Anyone who may be feeling as though the cup of their emotions can use a refill
  • Anyone who might find themselves drowning in the details of their lives at present
  • Anyone who can use a boost of optimism
  • Anyone who would like to share their appreciation for life with friends and loved ones
  • Anyone who needs a little extra peace in his or her soul
  • Anyone who’s currently caught up in the superficiality of life, who wants to go a little deeper
  • Anyone who needs a reminder of why we’re here and why it matters
  • Anyone who would like to use the power of positivity to improve their outlook, their relationships, and their life.

This 30 days exercise of Thankfulness is not meant to be a cover-up
for life’s problems.

It is a celebration of where we’ve been
and where we’re headed.


Positive outcome of being Thankful

According to David R. Hawking, Gratitude goes up on the scale of measurement of vibratory frequencies. So, the more you invite the vibration of gratitude in you, the higher your vibratory rate increases . Therefore, more easily, you manifest what you want. To vibrate with gratitude is like saying to the Universe: “Wow, Thank  you, I love this thing so much, send me more! ” And the universe sends you the more , like an echo.

“30 Days Thankful” will help you recognize and acknowledge all that surrounds you , you free yourself from the fear of lack, you end up accepting what life has to offer. The more you focus on what you value , appreciate, recognize, the more you will attract what you value, appreciate , recognize .That simple change of perception opens the door to more benefits in your life.

“30 Days Thankful “can help us honor the beauty in imperfection that is our world. Nothing is perfect, and releasing the need for “oughts” and “shoulds” is liberating.

“30 Days Thankful” can invigorate us with a renewed sense of purpose as we move forward with putting plans in motion and making our dreams come to life.
and more …

Rules of the Game

 We will send all instruction to your email address with access to our <PRIVATE FACEBOOK GROUP>, so make sure you have given your best email and check your spam .

Starting Monday 26  th October 2020 ,  I will be sending you Every day , 1 day ahead , a new theme to be Thankful about for the next day , a new subject to reflect on and some  exercise journal with questions to help you focus on the theme of the day. The theme of the day will be send to your email and be posted in the private Facebook group.

1-)   30 days- preferably consecutive, but if you miss one, move on to the next.
The goal is still to do the writing exercise every day and not “many at once” to be able to enjoy the positive effects .
Morning or Evening, write down 3 things you are grateful for about the theme you receive
Every day a new theme, a new subject to think about.

2-)   Share on our Private Facebook Group, your thoughts, experience, feelings, discovery, memories, gratitude, but also you struggles if you wish too, so you can get some support, new perspective, encouragement from all, as maybe , depending on your experience , you may find it hard to be thankful on a particular theme .
You will receive the link to the Private Facebook Group in your email

And Yes, that’s all ! 🙂 HAVE FUN.

One more important thing !

This 30 days Thankful Challenge is a FREE program,

In case you found this page by accident …even there is no accident , and have not registered yet for this journey, Here is your chance to get in the program, please use the form below to register, so we can set you in.

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share it !

A lot of thoughts and work has been put in creating this 30 days Thankful Challenge event ,
do please call in your friends, 

If you know anyone who would like or could benefit from this exercise share to your friend.
I am already thankful for that ! 

Myriam Toulelle
Certified Wellness and Business Coach