Why Knowing Your Life’s Purpose is Important

The Importance of Knowing Your Life’s Purpose. You might feel that holding down a job, getting ahead and taking care of your family is enough, without worrying about your life’s purpose. But taking the time to work out your calling in life is not a luxury or escapism, it is important for helping you live a more meaningful and successful life. Knowing your life’s purpose is I think important to your happiness and sense of fulfillment.

Think about it. What do you want? Chances are you don’t want to be doing the same thing, facing the same issues, in twenty years’ time, right? Humans are hard-wired to find purpose in what they’re doing. They look for fulfillment in their lives. And finding your life purpose can help you define and achieve your life goals. Here are some good reasons to do the work and find your calling.

1.     You will unlock your potential

I suspect you want to be your best possible you. How will you know who that person is and what they’re capable of unless you know your life purpose?

Discovering and aligning with your calling means you identify and build on your talents. What is your passion? What do you love doing? Chances are you’re already good at it. Why not focus on your natural gifts and turn them into your greatest strengths?

2.     You will create opportunities

By working out your life purpose, you open yourself to more opportunities than you could have imagined. When you begin living intentionally, you’ll find that your whole mindset changes. You see the right direction to take, and you allow synchronicity to work its magic.

If you feel doubtful about this, think back to times in your life where things just seemed to ‘fall into place’ or you were in the right place at the right time. Practice saying yes to the things that feel good and see where that energy takes you.

3.     You will have an impact on the world

You’ve probably heard the phrase ‘be the change you want to see in the world.’ That starts with deciding to find and align with your life’s purpose. Choose to do what matters to you, what makes you feel good, and you will change things for the better.

In living a life aligned with your values and purpose, you can’t help but have a positive impact on the world whether it’s in your family, neighborhood or your city. And in living your purpose you will be an inspiration to others, you will have started a chain of positive impacts!

Tips for Finding Your Purpose Later in Life

If you are retired, or even just past the first flush of your career, you might think you’ve missed the boat on finding purpose in your life. The truth is you’re probably in a better position than ever really to work out what matters, and what you want out of life. And even better, you’re likely to have all the skills you need to focus on your life’s purpose and go for it!

Here are tips to get you started.

1.     Set your mindset

The first thing to do is to declutter your mind of all the preconceptions others have put there about what is and isn’t possible. No matter what your age, you can always choose to make your life different.

Society tends to bundle anyone over a certain age into the beige cardigan, stay-at-home, cautious slot but you certainly don’t have to accept that. Warren Buffett is eighty-eight years old and still one of the most successful business people. Picasso didn’t retire into senescence but painted until he dropped aged ninety-two. Look around you and see that some of the most energetic, passionate people are older than the conventional retirement age.

2.     Work out your heart’s desire

Do some work really to find out what you want. Take the money and social expectations out of the equation and dream big. Do you want to sail around the world? Lead art tours of Europe? Branch out into art or writing or wellness? Become a yoga teacher. Learn an instrument or join a choir. Do some brainstorming and work out what makes your heart sing.

3.     Plan and strategize

Approach this as you have many times before as a project. That is good advice for anyone, but the advantage of age and experience is that you know what to do. Having worked out your big goal, sit down and work out what you need to get there.

What skills do you already have? What training or courses might you need? Whether it’s writing that novel or retraining for a new career, take the time to plot out a plan of action and a timeframe. Set some milestones and allocate resources and you’re off!

No matter what your age, taking the time to sit back and find your life’s purpose has been shown to have real benefits for people’s mental and physical health. Purposeful adults live longer and healthier lives and deal better with stress, whether it’s a career change, a new passion, or sharing your life skills through volunteering.

Top 6 Podcasts for Finding and Fulfilling Your Purpose

Chances are you’re busy keeping all the plates spinning in your life, from holding down a job to looking after yourself and your family. Finding your purpose might be something you long to do but can’t work out how to fit into your overcrammed schedule. If you don’t have time to go to a class or even read a book, listening to a podcast could be the answer.  Here are the top five podcasts on helping you find and fulfill your life purpose.

1.     Life On Purpose

Gregory Berg hosts the Life On Purpose podcast, interviewing inspirational people such as Brenè Brown, Oren Harris, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and Danielle LaPorte. Conversations revolve around the big questions of living an intentional life, and what tips and tools can help bring purpose into your life. Topics range from meditation to recovering from trauma to money wisdom and more. Find his podcast here

2.     Happier

Bestselling author Gretchen Rubin talks with her sister Elizabeth Craft, about how to make your life happier, healthier, more productive and more creative. It’s a weekly podcast.
Listen here 

3.     Invisibilia

NPR’s Invisibilia discuses all the invisible forces that shape our thoughts and behavior. Hosts Alix Spiegel and Hanna Rosin explore topics from negative thought patterns to personal boundaries and where all that self-doubt originates.  More Here 

4.      TED Radio Hour

Based on the world-famous TED Talks, each TED Radio Hour explores a theme such as the source of happiness, achieving stillness and what makes us human. Hosted by Guy Raz, the TED Radio Hour is a weekly broadcast.

5.     Working

If you’re thinking of switching careers or searching for a vocation, Working may be the podcast you need. Hosted by Jordan Weissmann of Slate magazine, the podcast interviews a diverse range of people about their jobs, taking a ‘day in the life‘ approach. Expect to hear about what life is like as a forensic anthropologist, casting director, a deli owner, and marijuana lawyer, among many others. Working Podcast

6.     The Good Life Project

The Good Life project aims to provide powerful stories, conversations, resources, and community to help you live your best life now. The podcast aspect of the project has a mission to support, inspire and grow the Good Life Project community, interviewing guests such as Brenè Brown, Tim Ferriss, Byron Katie, and Elizabeth Gilbert. The podcast is broadcast twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays. Listen here 

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