The Reason You Need an Online Business

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Financial Independence and Time freedom allowing you balance Life and work and be appreciated at your right value is the reason you need an Online Business. As en Entrepreneur, whether you are a Therapist, Counselor, Healer, Light worker, Nutritionist ,Fitness instructor, Life coach,…..whether you have a small practice or  a very successful clinic ,  to be able to sustain your life purpose of helping people and make a living, supporting yourself and your family, you need to always find new clients. And in today’s competitive world, we need to become quite innovative to attract and keep our clients.

Many years back when I decided to embrace  my passion to provide Wellness, Human Potential Coaching and Energy Healing services, promoting Alternatives Therapies, I started small from a container in my garden, a few hours a day. Within one year, I had a clinic and was booked every day, all day long. Some might say, I was very successful.
I was in a way !. It all depends what “Success” means to you ! To me,  this success came with a price, I would miss the special time with my children, their activity at school, the holidays, some outings, miss my parents, miss spending time with my friends…I did not know at the time how to balance life and work,how to create multiple sources of income  how to be more effective in my healing practice and still have time for myself and family. 
I was doing well, and had lost my freedom.


As health care provider,  we offer a professional service to the public, and  exchange our gifts, ability, knowledge &  time for money. We may have employees who work for us, that would add responsibilities. The problem is there is so much we can do , we only have a limited amount of hours we can work. This limits the amount of money we can make.
Many would say, it is not about the money, it is about the service . Sure ! When you offer an excellent service, clients will come.However to be successful, you have to consider the business side of therapy.

I attended one day a 3 days workshops by T.Harv Ekar, that change my way of thinking, changed the way I looked at my business, changed my life and future.

CONSIDER THIS  : how many clients you can see in a week? well,depending on the time you spend with a client, usually about 30 to 35 per week, is the most we can handle
.Now, multiply that by how much you charge per client.
Take away all expenses you incur to run your business , with travel , insurance ,taxes and all you will  know how much you are making per week,
Divide by the numbers of hours and you get your hourly rate ! Are you happy with that ?
Depending on how high you charge per customer and what your expenses are, it can be a decent income but there are other things to consider in to the equation.

There will always be clients who don’t show up last minute. During Year end holidays clients are busy or away, school holidays, mothers are not free, summer holidays, people are not in town, it’s too hot or too cold to go outside, … even you are booked, you have no income during those hours, making it that your monthly income is irregular.

Now take the equation the other way, lets look at it from a different angle.
What would be your ideal income per year ? how much would you like to have in a perfect life? how much do you need to have this perfect life, if all is possible ? be wild, remember all is possible  !
Now divide that amount by 52 weeks, and divide by the number of days you would like to work per week. ! (we are still in a perfect possible world !!)
Divide by the ideal number of clients you would like to help per day, You will then have your  new hourly income or how much you should charge  your client.
If this number fit your current income , you are good. ! For me, this exercise made me realize that in order to achieve my needed Net income and time freedom, I would need to get 19 clients of 2 1/2 hour session per day….or really drastically increase my fees . That was an eye opener for me.


Schools teach us , to be successful you need to work hard,!  how about working smarter ??
So  how do you find other ways to generate income, where do you find other sources of revenue when your business is slow, clients don’t show up, or simply when you want more time for yourself.?

Here are a few ideas: 
On Site , in your clinic:

  • Sell some congruent health products, vitamins, essentials oils, health machine, beauty care,…
  • Health Workshops
  • Rent out space to a Therapist that complement your practice….

It is still limiting,  you might experience a total burnout. You need to look into creating a system that is fulfilling and allow you to draw residual income and create multiple source of income on auto pilot. That way you can achieve abundance and freedom while enjoying your activity and live your passion.
This is where and why , I highly recommend that you revise your entire business strategy and put it online.

Start your Online Wellness Business.

First, of course you need a website, if you don’t have one yet . You are going to discover that the possibilities  and advantages of having a website for your business are endless.


  •  The risk and start up cost is less . Just bring your computer !
  • Your website is your strongest advertising tool, it is how you are going to Brand yourself, how you are going to communicate to the world about who you are and your services.
  •  Makes your advertising less expensive, more ecological and more effective in the sense that you are enlarging your market. The World is now your playground ! People  and potential customers outside your town  and country will find you and contact you for an appointment or a coaching program , to buy your products, or attend your events..
  • Save time. instead of distributing costly flyers, write an email or a newsletter that you can send to all your Data at the click of a mouse.
  • You become more accessible .People will look to your site instead of going to your shop because it is more accessible, make sure you post all information about your services. it  increase your visibility
  • Your Internet products shop is cost effective and always open , 24/7/365 , even when you sleep customers from around the world can make purchase at no cost to you .It increase your sales…
  • you boost your credibility with the testimonies of your clients
  • Save your effort. you don’t need to go out to meet customers, your website will do your promotion all day long
  • You can work anywhere,  any place, any time at your convenience.

Extra income opportunities with your online business.

  • Coaching 1 on 1 small group, larger group
  • conducting classes, webinars to groups,
  • creating your own online program that you sell to many, over and over on auto-pilot
  • have an online shop 
  • provide advertising space to other
  • Blogging
  • Freelance writing
  • Writing professional articles
  • Selling workbooks and self-help books
  • Writing a book
  • Speaking engagements
  • Distance counseling
  • Training
  • Teaching
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Multi level marketing of great health products

…and many more other ways to create multiple sources of income, and residual income that you can add to your business . Anything that will help your clients live a more fulfilling , healthier and happier lives  will be marketable.

Become THE one that people look for when they need a solution, when they are in pain, when they need advice.
Allow yourself to have a Successful Online Business that also brings Time Freedom.


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