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The Smart Therapist Website  needs to be designed and build form the client’s perspective. If you want to attack more clients you need to be different from the others.Be clear and direct, name first all your specialties , (what you are best at) not the conditions you can address. Specialties and issues are two different subjects.

Some  points to consider when planning your Smart Therapist Website 

  • Grab Attention. Right away, the client should be able to read, what it is all about.You only have 1-2 seconds to grab the attention of your website visitor
  • A good idea would be to name your services then your specialties covering which issues.Define what makes your practice different and more specialized
  • Create a page for each of your Specialty
  • State what are your Mission and Vision, make it clear what you stand for.
  • Use a clear, friendly yet professional photograph of yourself
  • A “About You ” Page
  • Define Your Ideal Client, make your site a “personal Letter” to that client
  • A easy to find Contact form, allowing to ask questions, book a session. everything in your site should lead the client to book a session with you.
  • Appointment setting, payment options
  • Make your site Mobile friendly
  • Incorporate a blog, make sure it is your content, sharing your knowledge, giving tips, information, .
  • Creating Ongoing Quality Content Creation will Set you Up as an Expert, and Build Trust
  • Your information should give your visitors hope that it is possible to get relief from their discomfort. Giving Hope is not a Promise.!
  • Outline the Concrete Solutions, Outcomes, and Benefits of Your Services
  • Reiterate the most important points on different pages of your site
  • Guide your visitors through your website, telling them what to do next so they don’t have to think
  • Give a freeby, so they register to your newsletter and content, build a relationship, one day they might turn into a paying clients
  • Testimonies will give trust and confidence to the potential client
  • Shopping cart for your products
  • Social network branding…..

Your website for therapist is your voice, it gives a taste of who you are, an extension of your therapeutic presence. It is your first chance to connect and touch your client . Your website will help a client decides to call you.

There are many videos, tools , systems you can find online to start your website…it is not that difficult once we get to it, but there is one site i can really recommend when you are a beginner, or not so advanced…this site teach you all from A to Z, facilitate all, and you have a HUGE , i mean HUGE support group at your finger tips. Just Pop a question and you will get an answer in a few minutes sometime or within the hour. The huge benefit is that you can start and have your website up an running very very fast. It took me 1 hour to get my first site up,…and i am slow ! :-).
after you build your first website , all is much easier and you can build many more on different niches…EARN MONEY ONLINE WITH YOUR PASSION !!!
Just check it out , if this is a fit for you ,you get a 7 days free trial..

Feel free to contact me , if you want more information, need guidance, …Let me know how I can be of any assistance to you in building your Smart Therapist Website ,..or any other type of website of course.


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