USUI REIKI Level 1 Class

Reiki Level 1:

Learn Reiki Level 1 In a group class. over 2 days .

This is the introduction to Reiki. It teaches the student how to access and open up to Universal Life Force Energy. At this level, you learn the history of Reiki, and what this energy is, and the traditional Reiki hand positions. This is where you learn how to incorporate Reiki into your daily life. You will  be attuned and connected to the Reiki source of healing energy. You are then capable of performing healing on yourself, through the hand positions that you will learn in this level and others who are present. There are 4 attunements to this level given . This level deals primarily with the physical realm.

  • In Reiki Level 1, you will be introduced to the history, origins and philosophy of Reiki. You will learn how to tap into the Reiki energy and how you can use Reiki in your own life and in the service to others. Through detailed full colour illustrations you will master the basic hand positions of Reiki which are used in Reiki self-treatments and the treatment of others.
  • Reiki Level 1 is the starting point for those interested in pursuing Reiki further and for those interested in self treatments or treating one’s own family and close friends.

REIKI I class

Course Structure:

    • What is Reiki and how it works?
    • The history of Reiki
    • The Reiki precepts
    • Four Reiki first degree attunements
    • Energy exercises – practical
    • The energy body and chakras
    • The power of intention
    • How to self treat – practical
    • How to treat others – practical
    • Protection techniques – practical
    • The Reiki shower – practical
    • Experiences during reiki, yourself and others
    • Other uses for Reiki – treating animals and plants
    • Looking after yourself
    • Reiju empowerment
    • Learn to see Auras
    • Intuition Games
    • Guided meditationsYou also receive your attunements
      your Usui Reiki Level 1  Practitioner Certification,
      and Reiki level 1 Manuel

      Dr Mikao Usui

5 reiki principles sung  “a Capella”, by Jorge Luis Martìn, musician et Argentinian Reiki Master .

Shoufuku no hihoo (secret method to invite happiness)
Manbyo no rei-yaku ( spiritual medicine for all body and mind dis-eases)

Kyo dake wa ( just for today)

Ikoru-na (do not get angry)
Shinpai suna (do not worry)
Kansha shite (Be grateful)
Gyo wo hage me Work hard on your self)
Hito ni shinsetsu ni ( be kind to others)

Asa yuu gassho shite kokoro ni nenji kuchi ni tonaeyo ( morning and night , sit in the Gassho position and say thoses words aloud and in your heart)

Shin shin kaizen, Usui Reiki Ryoho ( to improve the body and spirit : the Reiki Usui Ryoko Method)
Chosso Usui Mikao (created by Mikao Usui) ,


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Learn Usui Reiki Level 2

Myriam TOULELLE is a Reiki Master from the lineage of
USUI REIKI RYOHO Usui Natural healing method from Japan created by Master Mikao Usui . She learned her Master level from 4 different Masters while living in Asia . She Practice and teach Reiki all levels since 1995 internationally and has learn many other healing modalities which she incorporate in her healing sessions.