Back pain? Insomnia? Depression?
Stress?Skin Problems? Addiction?
Fatigue? Headaches? Allergies?
Critical Illness? Asthma?
Personal life Challenge?…..or simply need a Boost of Energy?  

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                                                     Vibrational Healing  is your solution

When human experience emotional or traumatic events,
they process and clear the negative effects of events to grow the experience .
Yet if unable to process this negative energy , it acts as an obstacle…”

What is Vibrational Healing?

Vibrational healing uses specialized forms of Energy to positively affect our energetic systems that may be out of balance. The Energetic healer help you by using pure energy to balance and harmonize your bodies. During a healing session (1,1/2 hour), I combine a number of different healing techniques, such as Reiki, Karuna,Vortex, and/or other energy systems with aura and charkas clearing and balancing, Aroma-therapy, Sound, Crystal, Color and Light Therapy to assist you in the restructuring process .
Vibrational Healing is gentle and non invasive.
You will feel clear, centered, and experience a renewed sense of purpose and direction.


* Dramatically reduced stress and anxiety

* Feeling more peaceful

* Experience deep relaxation and bliss

* Perceptual clarity

* Increased self-knowledge

* Greater joy and confidence

* An expansive sense of well-being

* Greater enthusiasm and ease in daily living

* Improved physical energy and health

* Stimulate the immune system

* Awaken you to your holiness and assist you toward the fulfillment of your spiritual promise.

* Abundant energy.

Vibrational healing and you

With Energy therapy, the therapist discerns and clears blocks in you human energy field or aura through a practiced focus and spiritual alignment. It is important to remove blocks and increase the energy flow because the more energy we let flow, the healthier we are. Blocks or imbalances in the energy flow can cause dis-eases, illness, depression, distort our perceptions and dampen our feelings.
When the distortions are gone, your aura resumes integrating your Body, Mind, and Spirit and you regain your natural holistic health. Your aura is once again fluid, smooth, and energized.
It resumes its natural function of nourishing the body and protecting the psyche.

Vibrational Healing , due to the combination of different healing modalities and Energy systems, provides a powerful support, strengthening your alignment and clarity.

Vibrational healing works on cause rather than effect of disease.

viabartional Healing ,

We use Tibetan bowl to clear and remove negative and non beneficial energies from your aura and chakras.That helps also to relax and allow better reception of the healing work done.

Aura cleansing

Use of hands, sound, essential oil to remove the blocks.
The process looks as if the practitioner is scooping
and raking working in the energy field above the body
It Gives a feeling of lightness.


Channeling, different systems of Reiki, Vortex healing ,Drisana
and Huna Energies through different techniques, and intents,
depending of imbalances, blockages or issues surfacing to
bring balance and harmony to assist you toward the
fulfillment of your spiritual promise.


Crystal Healing

Crystals are laid on and around the body in different
combinations suitable to individual needs and condition.
Crystals transmit, and receive energies, they act on the
subtle, electro-magnetic bodies surrounding the
physical body and on the charkas, rebalancing and
realigning to correct disease.

Chakras Balancing

The charkas can be under utilized or overloaded depending
on our current emotional-physical- mental and/or spiritual
state of being and point of focus. Do you ever remember
feeling centered and relaxed, and everything just flowed
naturally, life and events did not require a lot of energy an
effort? That is the experience of being aligned
and in Balance.


Essential oils that are inhaled into the lungs
are believed to offer both psychological and
physical benefits; not only does the aroma
of the natural essential oil stimulate the brain
to trigger a reaction, but the natural constituents
(naturally occurring chemicals) of the essential
oil are drawn into the lungs and can also supply
physical benefits

Color and Light

The need for a particular color ‘s vibration seems
to differ from day to day . When you absorb a
color vibration it travels, via the nervous system,
to the part of the body that needs it. Applying
color will improve and balance your emotional state

Explore your aura on Video, Get your before and after aura photo




Enhance your therapy with energy healing

To maximise your therapy and see faster results I  offer a combined therapy of bioresonance with energy healing. 
This allows us to work on all aspects of your being, mind, body and spirit and to support healing from the inside out.  Both bioresonance and healing support balance,

thus through combining the therapies together, it is possible to feel a great sense of harmony in a shorter amount of time and also provides a very relaxing therapy.


Please Buy your session and proceed below to booking your date and time

Exchange of energy  :

** Vibrational Healing  2 hours   80 euro
 first session is often  longer depending what surfaces.
& with aura video camera assessment (1st session only)

** Vibrational Healing Package of 3 sessions  of 2 hours  each   200 euro (save 40 Euro)

**Vibrational Healing 1 hour  60 euros..


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